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Over the years, many products against hair loss have been put on the market with mixed results.

Named after its creator, Le Dru de Todesco is a natural plant combination, resulting from scientific research, experiments and studies in the field of hair treatment, which finally provides a serious and validated response to hair loss and regrowth.

This is a simple and effective treatment which consists in applying and rubbing in vigorously about twenty drops a day for a 3 to 4 months period on areas where hair is thinning (preferably in the evening). Once the down has reappeared, treatment should be continued with 2 to 3 weekly applications to ensure regrowth consolidation.

This very fairly priced treatment is simple, easy to follow and above all gives convincing results which have been testified by numerous reliable testimonials. The Nosyla Shampoo will further consolidate the results. It is strongly recommended to shake the bottle before use in order to obtain a rich lather with each hair wash.

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